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The main goal of the project is to maintain new coins, which have no pools, or they are unstable. In this case, only coins that seem more or less promising to the community are added to the pool.

On my pool, I have developed several new features that are not on other pools:
-reduction of the fee for regular miners
- sound notification when finding and confirming the unit (when charges)
- calculation of daily profit based on the average complexity for the last 24 hours (other pools are considered to be of current complexity, I do not see any sense from this calculation especially for new coins)

Now in development is the function of cranes, this API with which the owners of new coins and enthusiasts will be able to create cranes to increase the popularity of these coins
Update history:

platform updated to version 1.2! I hope you enjoy the new features
- Notification on the execution of orders on the exchange
- Detailed page for each pool
- Filter by coin type (GPU /Asic sha256 / etc) in the pool list
- Interface style fixes
Platform updated to version 1.3
- sound notification of order execution
- minimum Deposit amounts to protect the system from spam transactions
- performance improvement, XLR pool is more stable now
- open statistics on the main page
Platform upgrade to version 2.0
- WAVES trading pairs
- "trading Results" function (search on the profile page)
- Improved security (captcha after 5 incorrect logins, email confirmation of login with new IP)
- WAVES tokens are also now added through auction

New version: Download

Beta: Download

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